Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mobile RFID Solution for Oracle by NCR

NCR integrates its radio frequency identification (RFID) software solution, called TransitionWorks for RFID and Mobility, with the Oracle ERP Suite to enable greater visibility into objects involved in supply chain business processes. ...

... "With the solution, Oracle's customers, including NCR, can augment current implementations of the Oracle E-Business Suite with updated, streamlined business processes. For example, if a warehouse forklift driver is directed to pick up a certain order, line items are automatically issued to that order as the RFID-enabled forklift retrieves pallets and moves them to a staging area or trailer. Conveyors can also be equipped with RFID readers, sensors and programmable logic controllers, allowing cases to be identified regardless of orientation and diverted down the correct lane. " ...

Via NCR: NCR Integrates RFID and Mobility Software with the Oracle E-Business Suite

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