Tuesday, January 26, 2010

European RFID Retail Application

Rica Lewis will deploy Tagsys RFID in its European value chain to provide real-time visibility to inventory from distribution to the retail point of sale. ...

... "Rica Lewis sells over 5 million pairs of jeans each year and has invested in TAGSYS’ RFID technology to increase its sales and enhance customer’s experience through improved product availability. Each sales manager from Rica Lewis is equipped with portable RFID readers enabling them to perform rapid inventory of RFID enabled items directly on the sales floor of the retailer. Initial results have demonstrated that the duration of the previously manual inventory process has been reduced by more than 80%, making the sales manager available for high value activities such as merchandising and customer interaction. At the conclusion of the inventory process, the RFID data collected is sent to the logistics center, also equipped with a RFID infrastructure, allowing for a much more efficient order preparation and shipping process. With the use of RFID the entire supply chain is optimized to better manage processes in the distribution center and provide greater product availability at the point of sale. " ...


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mobile Bluetooth RFID Reader

iDTRONIC launches a new RFID reader, I-collect, for data collection that supports LF or HF Multitags. ...

Mobile RFID Reader for Data Collection

... "iDTRONICs I-Collect is fully programmable. Beside the reading of the UID numbers it is possible to read also other memory content. The I-Collect data collector allows fast and reliable Data transfer to Windows XP, Vista and Mobile applications. A demo Software with 8 standard applications is delivered with the I-Collect. " ...

Via iDTRONIC: New Mobile Bluetooth RFID Reader I-Collect for mobile scanning

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Monday, January 12, 2009

RFID Forklift Systems

RFID on Forklifts enables warehouse automation
M/A-COM Technology Solutions introduces sensor-based RFID Forklift System focused on automated material movements in the supply chain. ...

... "The RFID Forklift System automatically records an RFID tagged pallet's exact storage location during handling and slotting processes, without requiring the operator to initiate traditional manual data collection methods, resulting in superior accuracy and efficiency throughout the supply chain. " ...

Via MSNBC, M/A-COM Technology Solutions: Sensor-Based RFID Forklift Systems

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nordic RFID Data Collection

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HP RFID Data Center Management

HP launches RFID-enabled data center management service. The RFID technology will support visibility to assets and reduce loss, increase security, and improve management controls. ...

... "The HP Factory Express RFID Service tracks critical data center assets, such as HP factory-built servers, storage devices and rack enclosures, so customers can continuously monitor the equipment as soon as it is received at their facilities. When deployed as part of a full RFID solution from HP and its partners, the service automates and tracks device movement, providing an accurate inventory of all assets throughout their lifecycle. RFID is a data-collection technology that uses radio waves to remotely store and retrieve data to identify objects. It provides companies with up-to-the-minute supply chain visibility, including inventory, logistics and freshness dates. Data center asset management is becoming crucial to customers, particularly those with thousands of servers in multiple data centers across several geographies. Many data centers operate with manual inventory lists and have low inventory accuracy. With moves, adds and changes, keeping track of technology devices can be complex. HP's RFID tagging process allows technology devices to be scanned from the factory to the customer without requiring workers to manually inventory each asset. Customers can then quickly locate and maintain devices with minimal employee intervention, saving time and reducing loss or theft of valuable technology assets. " ...

Via HP: RFID Service for Tracking Data Center Assets

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mobile RFID Handheld Reader Integrates GPS WWAN Barcodes

Intermec introduces the IP30 RFID reader, that adds on mobile RFID read / write capability to Intermec mobile computer family. ...

... "The IP30 posts two RFID industry firsts. It becomes the first handheld RFID system with integrated GPS and WWAN when combined with the Intermec CN3 mobile computer. In addition, when the IP30 is combined with the Intermec CK61ex, it becomes the first handheld RFID system with an integrated near/far bar code imager enabling users to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes from a variety of distances up to 50 feet, conveniently complementing RFID data collection. Both firsts assure investment protection for customers as they build the supply chain of tomorrow. " ...

Via Intermec: New IP30 Handheld RFID Reader for Mobile Computers

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

NordicID RFID does HF for Item Level Tracking

Nordic ID expands its PL3000 product platform with HF RFID which enables item level tracking. ...

Nordic ID RFID reader implements high frequency HF for item tracking

... "The Nordic ID PL3000 with the HF RFID reader is designed to ensure performance. Healthcare organizations and pharmacies have started many pilot projects with RFID involvement. In healthcare, the importance of patient identification is paramount. The handheld device is bringing enhanced safety to daily functions in hospitals. It reduces mistakes and improves patient safety by making sure that the patients get the right treatment at the right time. Improved communication will keep hospital personnel connected and help them to reduce errors by having up-to-date information from the hospital’s backend system. Aligning accurate data with the correct patient is essential in healthcare, whether or not technology is applied. RFID will ensure easy and fast identification of patients and medicines, and thus strengthen the level of care making the administration of the drugs safe and easy. In the PL3000 Nordic ID has combined powerful data collection, processing and storing capacity with a variety of wireless communication technologies, including WLAN and Bluetooth for local environments and GPRS or GSM for wide area applications. " ...

Via Nordic ID: PL3000 product platform with HF RFID features

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Friday, August 24, 2007

RFID Construction Applications

RFID technology is applied in the construction industry to monitor the progress of concrete curing. ...

... "It measures temperature data retrieved from an RFID buried in the concrete. Then it puts the data into a maturity equation that compares the readings of the poured concrete with the results of two sample cylinders which were lab-tested before construction began. " ...

Via Daily Commercial News and Construction Record: RFID Uses Growing

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Monday, January 08, 2007

RFID Warehouse Forklift System

RFID enabled forklift system manages warehouse processes
Intermec introduces forklift RFID system that integrates automated data collection to drive efficiency in warehouse business processes. ...

... "This ground-breaking RFID (radio frequency identification) forklift installation system allows forklift drivers to use RFID and other data collection technologies to gather complete real-time inventory data efficiently and safely without leaving their vehicle. Intermec partnered with Cascade Corporation, the world leader in the design and manufacture of lift truck attachments, to create an RFID-enabled forklift system that integrates durable, rugged inventory and data collection technology with existing forklift equipment. The system improves performance and safety while significantly reducing the cost of RFID forklift deployments in warehouse applications. The Intermec Adaptable Load Backrest and Antenna Cell system can be made to accommodate almost all forklifts on the market, providing customers a factory-certified product designed specifically for their lift trucks that meets OSHA and industry safety requirements. Flexible and configurable, the Adaptable Load Backrest switches easily from one application to another, allowing the driver to accomplish pallet-, case- and even shelf-level readings without the costly and intensive labor associated with retrofit systems. " ...

Via Intermec: Intermec and Cascade Introduce Mobile RFID Forklift Adaptable Load Backrest for Rugged, Industrial Warehouse Use

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Philips RFID: Healthcare Assets

Philips RFID technology is focused on the healthcare market combined with services. The first customer to deploy the Philips asset tracking solution is the University Medical Center (UMC) in Tucson, Ariz. Philips installation at UMC is one of the healthcare industry's largest Wi-Fi-based asset tracking projects. This RFID implementation covers eight floors and a million square feet with 2,300 RFID-tagged assets in use throughout the hospital. The hospital workforce will use the Philips RFID solution to track and manage medical equipment, such as infusion pumps, beds, monitors, wheelchairs and other portable devices. ...

... "Helping hospitals to focus on the patient, Philips' asset tracking solution helps locate hospital assets through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The solution is designed to work within existing wireless infrastructure, allowing hospitals to leverage investments they have already made in wireless technology. Philips' asset tracking solution consists of a suite of services to maximize the solution's benefits, including wireless tags, a location engine and the MobileView user interface. Product tracking information is fed into the location engine and the asset's position can then be portrayed on a map, in a table, or in a report format for any networked hospital user. In addition to pinpointing lost equipment, the information gathered from the asset tracking solution can help improve asset utilization and work flow efficiencies.

The Philips asset tracking solution is designed around each hospital's specific use cases to help solve problems such as productivity, regulation requirements, utilization, theft, and loss. With an understanding of the unique requirements that the healthcare environment demands, Philips has an advanced solution that can enable hospitals to make facility-wide improvement. The Philips asset tracking solution utilizes technology that includes wireless tags, a location engine, and the MobileView user interface. The tags, which can be attached to most mobile assets, transmit to the hospital’s existing 802.11 infrastructure. This information is fed into the location engine and the asset's position can then be portrayed on a map, or in a table or report format for any networked hospital user. " ...

Via Philips: Philips Delivers New Radiology Products At 2006 RSNA That Present Clinicians with a Clear View of Patient Data and a Clear Path to Patient Care

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