Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cool RFID Network Lab

RFID lab testing accreditation
The University of Arkansas RFID Research Center makes the Network World top ten cool university networking labs. ...

... "Network World said that the RFID Research Center is cool because it is not only used by engineering students and faculty, but is also staffed by students from every college on campus. That speaks to the many applications RFID has and will have, including loss prevention, inventory accuracy. The Center consists of a 10,000-square-foot lab at Hanna’s Candle Co., plus 4,500-square-foot lab in a cold storage facility. The labs feature conveyors, forklifts and other things you’d find in stores and warehouses that use RFID for their supply chains, asset tracking and such. Big name companies such as J.B. Hunt, Dillard’s and WalMart are among more than 50 supporting work at the lab. The center is a founding member of the Global RF Lab Alliance. " ...

Via University of Arkansas: RFID Research Center

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