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How It Works

RFID Technology Explained   File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat  ... can not travel. How RFID works There are a many uses of this technology although they are often invisible to users. At its most ...  


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an enabler of tracking processes in the extended value chain.

TagMaster - RFID Provider   Logistics - How it works. ... TagMaster's RFID products are utilized for location, positioning and data capture of large moving objects in demanding environments. ...  

How It Works   The EPC Network and How It Works. For manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to realize the potential of RFID and EPC technology, they need access to ...  

It's all about security   ... How it works Public key security eliminates the risk of someone corrupting an entire multi-vendor RFID system by ensuring that every entity involved in a ...  

Philips, IBM Partner on RFID Deployment   ... TechNewsWorld. "[IBM and Philips will] be trying to implement RFID throughout Philips' supply chain to prove that it works. It builds ...  

Caring for cargo in a complex world   ... Andrew Kings, Project Director of TRI-MEX International, specialists in cargo security solutions, introduces RFID technology, how it works and what it offers ...  

IP Unveils RFID Enabled Warehouse   ... Here's how it works. A UHF (915 MHz) RFID tag from Matrics, a Columbia, MD, RFID technology provider, is inserted into the core of a paper roll. ...  

RFID Surveillance and Privacy   ... If and when it works, that's fine: an object bearing an RFID appears within the range of a reader, which accurately interrogates it for its unique ID, or for ...  

Solutions - Overview   How RFID Works. An RFID system consists of two major components--the reader and the card/tag. They work together to provide the end ...  

Vendors Offer RFID Packages   ... for the data capture systems group, says the professional services will involve giving customers who buy the package an understanding of how RFID works, how to ...  

Military Orders Suppliers to Use RFID Technology   ... How RFID Works Passive RFID devices use embedded antennas with a range of up to 10 ft. to let data be “read” by low-powered radio transmitters. ... 

Leading regional networking distributor sees strong adoption of Zebra desktop label printers in healthcare and warehousing   Zebra Technologies is one of the leading global providers of thermal bar code label and receipt printers card printers RFID smart label printer encoders supplies label design integration software and the widest range of thermal printer connectivity and networking solutions. 

Zebra Technologies Corporation Invites You to Join Its 2003 Fourth Quarter And FY 2003 Analyst Conference Call on the Web   More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Zebra R printers. A broad range of applications benefit from Zebra-brand thermal bar code smart label card and receipt printers resulting in enhanced security increased productivity improved quality lower costs and better customer service. The company has sold more than 3 million printers including RFID printer encoders and wireless mobile solutions and also offers software connectivity solutions and printing supplies.
Geodan Mobile Solutions and CGE&Y Announce Strategic Cooperation for Business-to-business Location-based Mobile Communication Services.    Latest News 5 February 2004 Geodan Mobile Solutions and CGE Y Announce Strategic Cooperation for Business-to-business Location-based Mobile Communication Services. Geodan Mobile Solutions and Cap Gemini Ernst Young Nederland B.V. CGE Y has announced a strategic cooperation to strengthen the offering of location based mobile communication services in the business-to-business market. 


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  • The Auto-ID Center (PDF)
    ... The Auto-ID Center An open initiative supported by Sun Microsystems. ... For More Information To learn more about the Auto-ID Center, visit

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    You should become familiar with RFID technology because you'll be hearing much more about it soon...

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    RFID Technology. In the simplest terms an RFID system consists of a tag (transponder) and a reader (interrogator)...

  • CULD to Assist with RFID Technology
    CULD to Assist with RFID Technology. June 30, 2003 Blacksburg, VA.  In response to the material handling industry’s strong interest ...

  • Potential of RFID Technologies
    Potential of the RFID technology for Telecom Operators running. ... Potential of the RFID technology for telecom operators (report)...

  • Wal-Mart Backs RFID Technology - Computerworld
    ... Home > Browse Topics > Software > ERP/Supply Chain > Story Wal-Mart Backs RFID Technology, Will require suppliers to use 'smart' tags...

  • Suppliers show off RFID technology
    ... Suppliers show off RFID technology. IBM and a number of other suppliers have met to highlight the use of RFID tags to track products through the supply chain. ...

  • RFID Technology
    ...In a few years RFID technology will be ubiquitous. Wal-Mart has already announced ...

  • EE Times - Clothier Benetton adopts Philips' RFID technology
    Clothier Benetton adopts Philips' RFID technology for 'smart' labels ... Benetton is using the RFID technology across the company's 5,000 stores worldwide. ...

  • Texas Instruments RFID- Technology & Benefits
    Technology & Benefits of TI-RFid. RFID systems consist of a number of components including tags, handheld or stationary readers, data ...

  • Avante's RFID Technology
    Welcome to Avante International Technology's RFID Website. AVANTE's RFID Product Portfolio: AVANTE manufactures RFID solderable inlets ...

  • Tagsys, the leading specialist in RFID technology
    Tagsys is the leading specialist in RFID technology. ... Tagsys : the leading specialist in RFID. Tagsys is the leading specialist in RFID technology. ...

  • RFID Technology & Smart Labels (PDF)
    ... respective companies. P/N 11315L Rev. 1 Page 1 RFID Technology & Smart Labels Application White-paper Page 2. Zebra ...

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