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RFID for Port Security

JERSEY CITY -- Rep. Bob Menendez (NJ-13), Chairman of the Democratic Task Force on Homeland Security, Member of the Select Committee on Homeland Security, and senior New Jersey Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, today joined Joseph Assante, President of the Port Newark Container Terminal, Richard M. Larrabee, Director of Port Commerce, Port Authority NY/NJ, Jan Pellens, CEO of the Port of Antwerp, Lance Trebesch, Executive Director of the Strategic Council on Security Technology, to announce the extension of Smart and Secure Tradelanes infrastructure to the Port of New York-New Jersey. Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST), launched in July, deploys electronic bolt seals and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems integrated with web-based software to improve transportation container security and productivity through real-time information alerts.

"In the wake of September 11th, the need for secured ports has become more evident. Our ports in New Jersey serve not only as a center for global trade, but as an economic engine for our region, providing over 229,000 jobs and $25 billion in commerce," said Menendez. "This is why I am proud to join in today's announcement of the Smart and Secure Tradelanes initiative. It is a major step toward protecting our homeland from the threat of unsecured cargo entering our ports."

SST is an initiative to improve container security, utilizing a collection of interoperable technologies, ranging from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) electronic seals and readers, GPS tracking systems, sensor and biometric technologies and gamma-ray image scanners - all seamlessly linked to software through the Universal Data Appliance Protocol (UDAP). Initially funded and driven by the world's largest port operators, SST is closely coordinated with the U.S. Customs Container Security Initiative (CSI), Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Transportation Security Agency's (TSA) maritime security initiatives, such as Operation Safe Commerce.

"As the senior New Jersey Member on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I've worked hard to ensure that port safety and security are at the forefront of measures to protect our homeland from terrorist threats. But we must also ensure that we can secure our ports while protecting our port economy -- efficiency is key," added Menendez.

SST was first announced in July on the Pacific Coast. Today's announcement marks the first installation of the SST infrastructure at sea ports on the Atlantic Coast, which eventually will be linked with seaports of Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam, and Felixstowe (UK) in Europe, where cargo containers are shipped into the United States. Further extensions and milestone updates of Tradelanes on both U.S. Coasts, and in Asia and Europe, will be announced in the coming weeks.

"With the help of these critical partnerships between our ports, our transportation agencies, our port community, and programs such as SST, we can protect the cargo that travels through our ports, while providing for the continued success and efficiency of our port," concluded Menendez.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an enabler of tracking processes in the extended value chain.

Target Joins The RFID Race    InformationWeek gt Hardware gt Target Joins The RFID Race gt February 24 2004 Med tech and IT to be indistinguishable More firms are making it a priority Target Joins The RFID Race Feb.   Information Week Product & Tech News, Feb 24, 2004  

i2 Joins with RFID Middleware Makers    One of the world's leading providers of supply chain management applications has launched a program to help integrate its software with RFID systems. By Jonathan Collins Feb. 24 2004 i2 is partnering with a number of RFID middleware and enterprise applications vendors so that the company's supply chain management applications can be linked to RFID networks.   RFID Journal, Feb 24, 2004  

Wal-Mart Tests RFID in Dallas: Live from the IRI CPG Summit    Eight manufacturers already are testing RFID tags on goods sold in Dallas Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. Wal-Mart plans to expand RFID tagging in the U.S. through 2005 with all suppliers tagging all cartons and pallets by the of 2006. It could take 10 to 15 years before RFID tags are required on individual packages.   Promo Magazine Breaking News, Feb 24, 2004  

Target Tells Largest Vendors to Use RFID by Spring 2005    In a letter to vendors Paul Singer Target svp and cio reportedly wrote As we plan our technological strategic direction for 2004 we will move forward to build our supply chain infrastructure to support RFID. We will make the best use of these technologies to benefit all our partners in the retail supply chain.   Retail Merchandiser News, Feb 24, 2004  

RSA polishes RFID shield    The RFID cloaking system is intended to guard proprietary data located on chips used to . The RSA Blocker Tag technology uses a jamming system designed to confuse RFID readers and prevent those devices from tracking data on individuals or goods outside certain boundaries. whose descriptive information is read via radio frequency technology are expected to allow manufacturers and retailers to greatly improve inventory tracking.    CNET Security News, Feb 24, 2004   

KeyTone Technologies announces company launch - keytone brings turnkey solutions for complete end-to-end RFID implementations into Malaysia     KUALA LUMPUR Feb 24 KeyTone Technologies Sdn Bhd the Asian arm of KeyTone Technologies USA was launched Tuesday to offer high-value services to organisations in Malaysia requiring robust and cost-effective Radio Frequency Identification RFID solutions. Specialising in turnkey RFID implementations for clients Keytone brings together all the key components required to provide clients a complete end-to-end RFID solution from consulting to implementation and ongoing support.    Utusan Malaysia Corporate News, Feb 24, 2004   

PeopleSoft Launches RFID Technology     PeopleSoft Launches RFID Technology TechWeb News 24-Feb-2004 on Monday launched technology supporting the use of radio-frequency identification tags within manufacturers supply chains. The US-based business software maker showcased its RFID technology for its Enterprise and EnterpriseOne product families at the National Manufacturing Week 2004 conference in the US. RFID technology is being tested for monitoring pallets of finished goods as they move out of production and into a third-party warehouse for distribution.    CMP Asia Software News, Feb 24, 2004   

Healthcare identification firm and venture capital firm to fund RFID venture     ORFID is based upon patented technology and intellectual property derived from Precision Dynamics internal product development efforts in radio frequency identification RFID technology. It will also use advancements and inventions in materials science and polymer electronics emerging from the laboratory of Dr. Yang the scientific founder of ORFID and professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA . Convergent Ventures and Precision Dynamics will contribute initial management as well as some members of ORFID's Board of Directors and Science and Engineering Advisory Board SEAB . Convergent and Precision Dynamics will also provide seed funding for ORFID.    Frontline Today, Feb 24, 2004   

CRM Daily: NewsFactor Network - - Wireless Tracking: Out of the Shadows     ... notes Forrester Research vice president Navi Radjou. But the real revolution has to do with what's happening within the infrastructure itself in what one can actually do with the data. Business Reality of the Mid-Market Real-Time Enterprise. Explore technologies that create new operational efficiencies improve customer relationships and allow you to make better business decisions.    CRM Daily, Feb 24, 2004  

California State Senator Bowen Introduces Bill to Regulated RFID    California state Senator Bowen has introduced a bill to regulate the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems . Key elements of the ...    Technology Review Weblog, Feb 24, 2004   

Wireless: NewsFactor Network - - Wireless Tracking: Out of the Shadows     ... notes Forrester Research vice president Navi Radjou. But the real revolution has to do with what's happening within the infrastructure itself in what one can actually do with the data. Now it's easier for companies to have and support mobile employees. With Outlook synchronized in real time any work done on a handheld is replicated onto the desktop.    Wireless Newsfactor, Feb 24, 2004    

Leading regional networking distributor sees strong adoption of Zebra desktop label printers in healthcare and warehousing   Zebra Technologies is one of the leading global providers of thermal bar code label and receipt printers card printers RFID smart label printer encoders supplies label design integration software and the widest range of thermal printer connectivity and networking solutions. 

Zebra Technologies Corporation Invites You to Join Its 2003 Fourth Quarter And FY 2003 Analyst Conference Call on the Web   More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Zebra R printers. A broad range of applications benefit from Zebra-brand thermal bar code smart label card and receipt printers resulting in enhanced security increased productivity improved quality lower costs and better customer service. The company has sold more than 3 million printers including RFID printer encoders and wireless mobile solutions and also offers software connectivity solutions and printing supplies.


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