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Introduction: RFID Graphics and Pictures

The RFID technology process starts with a radio frequency identification tag, which is made up of a microchip with an antenna, and a reader with an antenna.  The reader sends out radio-frequency waves that form a magnetic field when they join with the antenna on the RFID tag.  A passive RFID tag creates power from this magnetic field and uses it to energize the circuits of the RFID chip.  The chip in the radio frequency identification tag sends information back to the reader in the form of radio-frequency waves.  The RFID reader converts the new waves into digital information which is then turned into object information through integration with reference data.  Semi-passive RFID tags use a battery to run the circuits of the chip, but communicate by drawing power from the RFID reader.


We have developed areas of interest on RFID, the technology of RFID, and the leaders in RFID, such as Walmart RFID program.  We also have real-time RFID news.  We are developing resources on benefits, business cases, and novel applications.  We invite you to explore our site.  Please check back often as we will continuously update our information.

Thank you for your interest in RFID Technology.


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  • The Auto-ID Center (PDF)
    ... The Auto-ID Center An open initiative supported by Sun Microsystems. ... For More Information To learn more about the Auto-ID Center, visit autoidcenter.org.

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    CULD to Assist with RFID Technology. June 30, 2003 Blacksburg, VA.  In response to the material handling industry’s strong interest ...

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    Potential of the RFID technology for Telecom Operators running. ... Potential of the RFID technology for telecom operators (report)...

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    ... Home > Browse Topics > Software > ERP/Supply Chain > Story Wal-Mart Backs RFID Technology, Will require suppliers to use 'smart' tags...

  • Suppliers show off RFID technology
    ... Suppliers show off RFID technology. IBM and a number of other suppliers have met to highlight the use of RFID tags to track products through the supply chain. ...

  • RFID Technology
    ...In a few years RFID technology will be ubiquitous. Wal-Mart has already announced ...

  • EE Times - Clothier Benetton adopts Philips' RFID technology
    Clothier Benetton adopts Philips' RFID technology for 'smart' labels ... Benetton is using the RFID technology across the company's 5,000 stores worldwide. ...

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    Technology & Benefits of TI-RFid. RFID systems consist of a number of components including tags, handheld or stationary readers, data ...

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    Tagsys is the leading specialist in RFID technology. ... Tagsys : the leading specialist in RFID. Tagsys is the leading specialist in RFID technology. ...

  • RFID Technology & Smart Labels (PDF)
    ... respective companies. P/N 11315L Rev. 1 Page 1 RFID Technology & Smart Labels Application White-paper Page 2. Zebra ... RFID Graphics and Pictures

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